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About Us


What Sets Us Apart


We are committed to being accessible, prompt and accountable.
We believe that tours of more than 20 guests can detract from quality, and therefore cap our tours below the city maximum.


We are all love a good yarn, but Walk With Me believes that verifiable history provides just as many fascinating tales, ones that are all the more interesting because of the truth they contain.

& Safety

While Savannah's Historic District is an exceptionally safe area for walking (or biking), we believe in going the extra mile to protect our guests by wearing high-visibility gear and signalling our intent at crosswalks.

Mission Statement

Walk With Me Savannah Tours is committed to
Providing visually engaging educational walking tours of Savannah, Georgia's Historic District while maintaining a reputation for accuracy, integrity, value, reliability, and accountability

And fostering high-quality educators and presenters who take pride in the veracity of their tours, are attentive to customer needs, and dedicated to offering an interactive and welcoming tour experience for all ages.

We believe in inclusiveness and equality, and aim to provide premiere touring experiences matched by no other.

Above all we aim to educate and satisfy our guests' quest for knowledgeable, wisdom, and fun via safe and healthy walking tours.

Meet the Guides

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owner and guide


Even after a decade of experience as a Savannah tour guide, I believe there will never be a time when I have finished learning about my city. To me, Savannah's history remains very much alive, always revealing more about itself through new discoveries and deeper research, and continuously influencing our present. More than timelines and placards, history is the revelation of how every action and every event impacts what would follow, and I look forward to sharing with you how each thread is woven together to form the marvelous tapestry that is Savannah.

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History Tours meet in Johnson Square

Rising Voices Tours meet in Franklin Square

Botanical Tours meet in Columbia Square

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