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Rising Voices

“I just try to be who I am without all the labels people try to put on you.”

- The Lady Chablis

Historically too many narratives have been minimized or just left out of our propagated histories. Take a tour where we instead exclusively highlight those underrepresented voices.

We will focus on the lives and accomplishments of black, native, queer, and female residents of Savannah and how they impacted the world around them, in such a way that Savannah as it stands would not exist without each and every one of them.

Rising Voices meets in Franklin Square



Hear about:

- Jane Deveaux, a free black woman who operated the longest-running antebellum clandestine school for black literacy at great risk to herself for 30 years.

- Rev. Garrison Fraizer, the man who led 20 former slaves, freedmen, and pastors in discussions with Sherman, offering the solution that became Field Order 15.

- Coosaponakeesa, or Mary Musgrove, a Creek woman who served as liaison and translator between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi and refused to allow the British to take back the lands she was gifted for her services.

- Jim Williams, a gay antiques restorationist in Savannah, responsible for restoring over 50 homes in our historic district, essentially starting the restoration movement.

- And many many more influential Savannians

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Rising Voices tours meet in Franklin Square

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