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“Death is never an ending, death is a change;
Death is beautiful, for death is strange;
Death is one dream out of another flowing.”

- Conrad Aiken, The House of Dust

Considered by many to be the most haunted city in the country, Savannah's spirits frequently grace residents and visitors alike with their presence. Join us on an evening walk about town to learn about the multitude of reasons Savannah is so haunted and to visit many of our most notorious haunted spots.

Do not forget to bring your camera and to take photos throughout the tour. Floating blue orbs, presumed by many to be spirits, are excessively common in photos taken in Savannah. You may even catch blurry or pale figures in their favourite haunts, or even more detailed paranormal imagery. Also try taking burst shots or video.

We would love it if you'd share with us any paranormal photography you captured while on tour!

Available to book at 7 pm and 10pm daily



Hear about:

- Alice Riley, Irish indentured servant and first woman executed in Georgia in 1735, presently haunting Wright Square and Percival Ward, which was also the site of our jailhouse, courthouse, gallows, and first cemetery.

- The five major burial grounds paved over through Savannah's history and the buildings and streets that now exist atop the bodies.

- The human remains discovered in the wall of the Foley House Inn in 1987, a hundred and one years after Honoria Foley's constructed this, Savannah's first bed and breakfast, and the possibility of her involvement in the grim matter.

- Two of the Kehoe's 20 children, the eldest two boys, and how their excited exploration of the new home and the games they created would lead to an unfortunate end.

- The ghost cat of the Davenport House

- And even more tragedies, spectors, and paranormal activity!

I fell in love with Savannah on this tour. Sargon did an amazing job explaining the rich history and architecture of the city. We could tell she has a real passion for the city and what she does and she was knowledgeable about all the questions we asked. This tour was worth every penny!

Photos by Guests and Guides:

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